E-books vs Paper books

E-books vs Paper books

E-books vs Paper books is a great topic to be seriously discussed. ‘Kindle is the new Library‘. It’s bye-bye to the wooden shelves and mahogany libraries. The feel and grandeur of the vast libraries will soon be a thing of the past as the entire content of the library will be within the bounds of a 12 inch screen of eBook readers and gadgets. In E-books vs Paper books, with lots of facilities these eBooks are giving a tough competition to the printed books market and are looking towards replacing them. However many still prefer printed books over eBooks. It’s worth discussing which ones are better.

E-books vs Paper books: E-books are better

  • E-books are usually less expensive than their paper counterparts.
  • E-books are portable and easy to make and consolidate notes from numerous books.
  • It is easier to search words, passages and references from e-books.
  • It easier to exchange or get new books after finishing one.
  • E-books can be downloaded in a matter of minutes, they’re more portable than physical books, and we don’t have to go to the store to buy them or wait for them to be delivered.
  • There are nowadays facilities of dictionary in the devices which integrate with eBooks and help in finding meaning very quickly and easily.
  • E-Book, internet and research-everything in one device helps a lot. This is not there in print books.
  • It’s easier to adjust the font size in E-books.
  • You can zoom in on the maps and diagrams.
  • Also there is no limit on number of pages. In print books, increase in pages means increase in weight.
  • In eBooks we can have color images. In print books, printing color images costs more.
  • The read aloud facility helps the reader to understand the exact pronunciation of words in the eBook. In case of print books, we need to take help of someone else.

E-books vs Paper books: Paper books are better

  •  Many people like the feel of the books. They are deprived of the pleasure in case of eBooks. Paper books just feel good in hands. However even the best designed eBook seems cold and lifeless.
  • In rural and inaccessible areas and in dark areas where there is no internet facilities, reading eBooks on portable devices is not possible.
  • E-books are not good for eyes to expose them to the screen for a long time.
  • Initial cost of E-books is more as we need to invest in machinery to access eBooks.
  • Books were and are considered as one of the best gifts. There is a personal touch to print books and kind of nostalgia attached to it. The feel and look of our handwriting and the notes made in it give it a personal touch which lacks in the eBooks.
  • E-books though portable, portability is limited by battery backup. In rural areas print books are more suitable.

E-books vs Paper books: Conclusion

Both types of books have their own advantages but it is ultimately your decision which one you prefer. Technology friendly people can prefer e-books as it would satisfy their expectations. Whereas, people who are comfortable with the smell of the paper can prefer printed books.

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